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Samples placements in technical magazines

PR Toolbox scores big with technical trade publications across North America and back in Europe. We generate a great deal of media pick up from bylined articles and in-depth tutorials to cover stories on new products and lively application stories and on-site reportages. Here is a small cross-section of recent clippings from Canadian, US and German magazines.

PDF file AMS - Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, October 2012 - – Supplement ‘Automation Solutions for the Automotive Industry’. (client: KUKA Systems) Automotive Manufacturing Solutions
PDF file ep&t (Canada’s #1 magazine for the electronics industry) September 2012 - Editorial on the latest trends in PCB design and innovative connectivity solutions. (client: HARTING Canada) ep&t
PDF fole DPN - Design Product News (Canada), October 2011 - Cover story on CAE/ CAD software tools utilized by Quebec company Polycontrols for NASA projects. (client: EPLAN) DPN
IPP&T Motion Systems Design/MSD (USA), October 2011 ­ Feature article about the concept and benefits of optical/non-contact motion sensors ­ with side bar on safety sensors. (client: FRABA Inc.) MOTION SYSTEM DESIGN
IPP&T technik+EINKAUF (Germany), April 2011 ­ Application story about the operation of Kaercher floor cleaning equipment at the Zugspitze. Germany¹s highest peak. (client: Kaercher/HQ, Germany) MOTION SYSTEM DESIGN
IPP&T North American Clean Energy, May/June 2010 - Feature article on industry trends in automated PV solar panel manufacturing. (client: KUKA Systems Corporation of North America) NACE
IPP&T IPPT (Canada’s #1 trade magazine for the process industry), Nov. 2009 - Application article on cost-efficient automation upgrade of seasoned conveyor system at US paperboard mill Rock-Tenn with FRABA Posital optical encoders. (client: FRABA Inc.) IPP&T Canada
Konstruktions Praxis NOV 2009 - Cover Konstruktions-Praxis (Germany), Nov. 2009 - Cover story on product portfolio and engineering and after-sales service of cable specialist TKD (client: TKD Kabel GmbH) Konstruktions Praxis
Motion Systems Design/MSD Motion Systems Design/MSD (USA), August 2009 - Technical article on different communication protocols and compatibility of encoder interfaces. (client: FRABA Inc.) MOTION SYSTEM DESIGN
KSB - Forum International 2009 Forum international (Germany) Spring 2009 - Company profile on KSB Canada for global employee magazine of pump maker KSB AG. FORUM INTERNATIONAL 2009
Automotive Industries (USA) Dec. 2008 - By-line article from PR Toolbox associate David Gersovitz on concept and progress of KUKA's Toledo,OH-based Jeep plant - North America's most productive automotive manufacturing site (Client: KUKA Systems)
MM/Maschinen-Markt (Germany), Dec. 2008 - Application story on use of standardized high-end cables by Herrenknecht - the world's leading manufactuer of TBM (tunnel boaring machines) (client: TKD Kabel)
Canadian Electronics (Canada), Nov./Dec. 2008 - Cover story on eCAD software solutions for electrical engineers and designers from EPLAN (client: EPLAN Software & Services)
DPN - Design Product News (Canada), Nov./Dec. 2008 - By-line article from PR Toolbox associate Jim Tulk on product portfolio of encoder and sensor specialist FRABA (client: FRABA Inc.)
Blech (Germany), Aug. 2008 - On-site report from Europe's #1 maker of tank trailers and tank-type bulk haulers, German-based company Feldbinder/FFB - focus is on welding equipment used to build these massive containers (client: Migatronic Schweisstechnik)
Betriebsleiter (Germany), May 2008 - On-site article on cleaning with industrial vacuums at one of Europe's most modern recycling plants for commercial garbage (client: Kärcher, HQ, Germany)
dei (Germany), Apr. 2008 - Cover story on Rittal's new Hygienic Design enclosures which are designed for open processes in food manufacturing. On-site report from production floor of German-based frozen food specialist VION Convenience (client: Rittal, Germany)
Heavy Equipment Guide/HEG (Canada), Mar. 2008 - Application article on use of Karcher heavy-duty pressure washers at the St. Gotthard construction site in Switzerlan, the world's longest railroad tunnel (client: Karcher, HQ, Germany)
Environmental Science + Engineering / ESE Magazine (Canada), Mar. 2008 - Tutorial/ educational article on the pros and cons of different impeller designs used in wastewater/ sewage pumps (client: KSB, Canada)
Pavement (USA), Oct./Nov. 2007 - Application story on commercial pressure washing of outdoor surfaces (client: Karcher)
Industrial Process Products & Technology (Canada), Oct. 2007 - Technical application story on use of thermal oil pumps and steam-injection presses at engineered wood products manufacturer iLEVEL (client: KSB Pumps Inc.)
Cleaner Times Magazine (USA), Sep. 2007 - Article in leading US-magazine for the cleaning industry  on the economic challenges facing full-service pressure washer dealerships (client: Karcher).
DPN - Design Product News (Canada), Jun./Jul. 2007 - Report on Rittal's presence at Hannover Industry Fair 2007 in Canadian trade magazine DPN (story based on press trip for Canadian trade media organized by PR Toolbox on behalf of Mississauga-based
Rittal Systems Ltd.)
elektrotechnik (Germany), Jun. 2007 - Interview with Lothar Klick, managing director of cable manufacturer E&E Kabeltechnik
Blech InForm (Germany), Mar. 2007 - On-site report on use of new welding cells with collaborative robots for fully-automated production of exhaust systems for DaimlerChrysler’s new line of Sprinter light trucks (client: KUKA Schweissanlagen).
DLZ - Agrar Magazin (Germany), Mar. 2007 - On-site report on use of Karcher hot water/high-pressure washer at modern pig farm in Germany (placement in Germany's #1 trade magazine for agriculture).
DPN - Design Product News (Canada), Nov./Dec. 2006 - Article on mix of Rittal enclosures used in select Canadian applications.
ep&t (Canada) Sep. 2006 - Technical background article on nano-coating of enclosure cooling units from Rittal - with on-site report from Audi Germany (client: Rittal Canada)
ETZ (Germany), Aug. 2006 - On-site report on line builder Cosytronic - state-of-the-art production/welding line for Audi seat components (backrests) + use of Rittal enclosures (client: Rittal, HQ Germany)
A&D (Germany), May 2006 - On-site / application article on new multibus-system (combination of universal cable and fieldbus-terminals) for standardized robot umbilicals used at DaimlerChrysler/Mercedes-Benz plants in Europe and North America. (client / project partner: E&E Kabel, Turck)
Elektronik-Industrie (Germany), Apr. 2006 - In-depth report on sub-miniature cables for a wide range of medical equipment (client: E&E Kabel)
DPN - Design Product News (Canada), Feb. 2006 - In-depth article on custom coils used on clutch systems from Tier 2 supplier Polymer to move vehicle tailgates (client: Transera Inc.)
IMPO - Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations (USA), Jan. 2006 - Field report on rugged high-pressure washer system operated at Alcoa Mills in Pennsylvania (client: Kärcher)
Canadian Electronics (Canada), Dec. 2005 - Application article on encapsulated transformers used on circuit boards for HVAC specialist Alutron (client: Transera Inc.)
Automobil Industrie (Germany) Dec. 2005 - On-site report on the world's most powerful servo-driven projection welding portal press used at German automotive supplier/seat system manufacturer TWB (client: Dalex)
Der Betriebsleiter (Germany) Nov. 2005 - Feature article on stationary high-pressure washer used at US-based Alcoa Mills to clean and maintain giant rollers and forklifts used for aluminium production (client: Kärcher)
inMFG (USA) Oct. 2005 - Feature article on the use of industrial-grade high-pressure washers at the stadium of Minor League baseball club Reading Phillies (client: Kärcher)
ep&t (Canada) Oct. 2005 - Technical article on the concept and advantages of epoxy encapsulated transformers (Client: Transera Inc.)
iee (Germany), Oct. 2005 - In-depth article on tailor-made hybrid cables from E&E Kabeltechnik
elektrotechnik (Germany), Oct. 2005 - Interview with Lothar Klick, managing director of cable manufacturer E&E Kabeltechnik
DPN - Design Product News (Canada), Sep. 2005 - Application story on the total redesign of a 45-year old KSB boiler feed pump used in a Western Canadian pulp mill (Client: KSB Pumps Inc.)
handling (Germany), Sep. 2005 - Detailed product feature on a new line of friction welding machines from KUKA (Client: KUKA Schweissanlagen Group)
A&D Newsletter (Germany), Jun. 2005 - In-depth article on UL/CSA requirements for cable imports to North America (Client: LEONI Special Cables)
A&D Newsletter (Germany), Jun. 2005 - Article on trends in the use of control panels in industrial and hazardous environments (Client: Rittal)
Oil & Gas Product News (Canada), May/Jun. 2005 - Cover story on high-pressure boiler feed pumps making new steam-assisted in-situ technologies economically attractive for tapping buried deposits in the Alberta oil sands.(Client: KSB Pumps Inc.)
Blech, Rohre, Profile (Germany), May 2005 - In-depth article and application story on servo-technology - the latest innovation in resistance welding. (Client: DALEX)
DPN - Design Product News (Canada), Jan./Feb. 2005 - Feature article on HMI solutions for motion control applications (Client: Rittal Canada)
Der Betriebsleiter (Germany), Jan./Feb. 2005 - On-site report on commercial high-pressure washers from Kärcher used at the Aviko plant in Rain am Lech/Germany, Europe's most modern production site for frozen French fries
Automation (Germany), Oct./Nov. 2004 - Interview with management team of DALEX, Germany's leading manufacturer of welding guns and welding presses
Der Konstrukteur (Germany), Oct. 2004 - Editorial/commentary on the future of switchboard cabinets in an increasingly decentralized factory environment (Rittal)
Industrial Ethernet Book (UK), Sep. 2004 - In-depth article on the latest industrial grade CAT 5e cables available for Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET applications
PDD - Product Design and Development (USA), Aug. 2004 - On-site application report on replacement of robot umbilicals with LEONI dresspacks at a Mitsubishi Motors North America assembly plant- feature article in supplement AUTOMATION DESIGN
Automobil Produktion (Germany), Aug. 2004 - Exlusive feature article on Innoflex - a highly flexible production system for the automotive industry's body shops (Client: KUKA Schweissanlagen Group)
ETZ (Germany), Jun. 2004 - Product feature on ,mod 3" - a highly-flexible modular system with plug-and-play solutions for industrial enclosures (Rittal)
Produktion (Germany), May 2004 - Business story on welding equipment manufacturer DALEX in Germany's #1 weekly newspaper for production managers and engineers
Medical Design Technology (USA), Apr. 2004 - Product feature on EMI Shielded cables
PEI (France), Nov. 2003 - Product feature on motor cables
Design News (USA), Oct. 2003 - Article on tailor-made cable system for latest generation nut runner from Ingersoll-Rand

ECN - Electronic Component News (USA), June 2003 - Tutorial by-lined article on concept of tailor-made cables (LEONI)
Machine Design (USA), Feb. 6, 2003 - Case study on FANUC robotics (LEONI)
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